Ace Round

The world is not divided into black and white. Freedom fighters can be easily called terrorists, whereas special forces fighters may be considered as insane butchers. Some of them save hostages, while others lay bombs which cause shots and explosions. It is you that decide which side to take. Regardless of your choice, exciting adventures are guaranteed. They begin as soon as you launch a new slot Ace Round! Be ready for a symphony of shots, clang of bolts and unexpected throws of grenades. Any round can end with a triumph or mission failure. It all depends on your luck. Slot boasts of modern gameplay, original animation and a bunch of surprises. Special freespin modes, three random events and wild symbols will bring you re-spin bonus. Playing this slot, nobody will get bored or remain indifferent, everyone will receive a rush of pure adrenaline. Special forces fighter or terrorist, who is more profitable? Play Ace Round slot and find out!

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